Happy 2018 one and all – lets make it a good one....

Bigtop are a small team of keen graphic designers who don't take themselves too seriously. 

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Our way

Bigtop started in 2000 on a dining room table. We've grown a little bit, but we haven't grown too much – we're now a professional team of four designers with a proper office and a nice coffee machine. 

What we do.

We do lots. Lots and lots of different things. Probably the best way to see what we do is to look at the Our Work section. The recent examples will hopefully convince you that we're your right choice of design company.

We appreciate that some people like lists. If you like lists, here's one that broadly covers what we do:

  • marketing campaigns
  • brochure design
  • book design and production
  • website design
  • advertising campaigns
  • emarketing
  • project management
  • illustration
  • corporate identity
  • exhibition graphics 

No flannel.

We're not a company that talks the talk. You won't get any of that designer waffle from us. Or pretentious flannel. We're more into just doing a top-class job. Doing it efficiently and with smiles on our faces. So don't be scared. Pick up the phone and call us on 01869 322600.

What our clients think...

“Wffhoarrr! This is lush! I think the poster is super cool.”
Caroline Boyd, Wiley-Blackwell
“Thanks again for all your hard work. I'm really pleased with the way this project has run. It's been a real reassurance that it has been in such capable hands. I'll be sure to spread the word.”
Louisa Leitao, ELT Design, Pearson Education
“It’s been a real pleasure working with you and with Bigtop generally. You’ve always been punctual, fast and impressive.”
Jason Millar, Informa UK

About us



I'm a small, bald, northern graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. I like cheese and crackers, composting and holidays in Cornwall. General hobbies include cycling along country lanes, feeding garden birds, playing the ukulele and starting small fires.



I couldn't live without... swimming, people, shapes, colours, symmetry, inspiration, cooking, bikes, sun, trains, John Deeres, Grimes, Dirty Projectors, cakes, camping, Drive, Buffalo 66, Stranger Things, picnics, change, Goodhood, Paul Harnden, The Grand Budapest Hotel.




I like riding my bike, Giffords Circus, taking render off stone walls, vintage fabrics, making clothes, Lily and Joe, Harry my Morris Minor, the sea, Rebecca, Jeff Buckley and summer evenings in the garden with a bottle of wine. 



When I'm not working I like stumbling across new music, gardening, love going to gigs and festivals, fishing for big carps and eating cheese

“If you're small and on a search...
   I've got a feeder for you to perch on.”
'I like birds' – Mark Oliver Everett, EELS

Good stuff

A selection of web sites that Bigtop like quite a lot.
Why not make yourself a cup of coffee and have a browse?

Coffee cup
11am is coffee time at Bigtop.
   Work stops and computer golf begins.


Bigtop's office is located in the lovely grounds of Garth Park.

Here is our address... Bigtop Design Limited
The Stables
The Garth
Launton Road
OX26 6PS  UK

You can call us on 01869 322600

Visiting us...

Bigtop welcomes visitors from all over the world and although we normally recommend cycling we do accept that it sometimes just isn't possible. There are excellent bus and rail links between Bicester and the rest of the United Kingdom. Alternatively, if you do decide to drive, there's a car park just outside our front door.

Here’s a simple pdf map that Lauren drew, just in case you get a bit lost.

Oh yes, and don't forget to give us a call when you're five minutes away. That'll give us a chance to get the coffee on.

Hope to see you soon,



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