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Babooshka, Babooshka, –ya-ya

Friday, September 13th, 2013

It’s Friday and that means it’s last day for our work experience girl, Bryony.

She’s learnt about computer golf and Photoshop. She’s also been out and about with a Holga, a digital camera, and hunting for the best album cover Bicester’s charity shops have to offer. Mix it all together with some hot chocolate and she’s put together a great little blurb book to show off her new found inDesign skills.

Here’s Bryony holding her album…

Kate Bush’s Never for Ever. From 1980, it has amazing illustrations, by Nick Price, of mystical creatures flying out from under Kate’s windblown skirt, while on the back it has a photos of Kate dressed as a bat, with her tongue sticking out. She chose it because…

“… it was like really random, like wacky. I hadn’t seen anyway like that before and it kind of represented the singer as she’s a bit crazy.”

Record of the Week

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Yorkshire Pilgrimage – A Souvenir in Sounds

“Yorkshire is not a tourist region in the accepted sense of the word. We do not have tourists, we have guests – and Yorkshire people welcome them! This record welcomes you in typical sounds, from the bells of the Minster to the water mill driven hammers of an ancient Sheffield forge.” – Harry Whitaker

We played this record this morning and it brought tears of happiness to my Yorkshire eyes. A whole album celebrating the joys of God’s Own County. Amongst other delights, we heard Don Lister, a trawler fisherman from Hull describing his first voyage to the Arctic Circle, the drip drip drip of Mother Shipton’s Wishing Well and Albert Preston, Secretary of The Bronte Society, discussing the Brontes and their association with Howarth. Dating from 1974, they certainly don’t make records like this any more. I wonder why?

Record of the Week – Valentine Special

Friday, February 15th, 2013

This week our prestigious and much coveted ‘Record of the Week’ title goes to Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra’s Rhapsody in White. It had to be really didn’t it? Here at bigtop we are very considerate to all our clients needs and would like to think we too offer unlimited services, though obviously not in quite the same way as The Love Walrus himself (god rest his soul).

Damn, he looks fine on this album cover… so confident and sexy. Check out that hair! It’s a good job the ladies in our office are sitting down because Barry be making them all weak at the knees.

This really is a great record for either seducing a loved one or graphically designing all manner of items. Very flexible.

BIG Love xxxx