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Bigtop is a shit tip – number 2

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

About a year ago, Daniel chased King Jasper (a large wasp) into our toilet. Daniel had a copy of the Yellow Pages in his hand. The wasp had a sting in its tail. The battle commenced. Round 1 went to the wasp. Round 2 went to Daniel. In round 3 the wasp decided it had had enough and hid in the toilet roll. Daniel raised the phone book above his head, gathered all his energy for one final blow, and with an almighty smash, the toilet roll, toilet roll holder and wasp were all lying on the floor.

The remains of the wasp are long gone, but the holes in the wall are a lasting memory of the epic battle.

Come to our surprise party…

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

… well I’m not sure I really want to come to your party, judging by the scene on the front cover. Quite scary. Definitely wouldn’t want to come across HIM whilst punting down the Thames on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh hang on… I’ve changed my mind as you are playing some rather good party tunes. ‘Come to our surprise party’ is amongst our charity shop finds… one that I always reach out for on a Friday morning, when we need to get into the groove after exhausting ourselves on the golf course. It includes one of my favourite tunes ‘Lily the Pink’, which takes me back to my childhood days of singing in school assembly. No-one ever believes but we really DID have to sing that song!

Bigtop is a shit tip – number 1

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

In an effort to make you feel closer to Bigtop, I’ve decided to post regular images from around our horribly messy, ‘shit tip’ of an office. Reach out, touch your screen, and you’ll feel the filth seeping out of your computer monitor. That’s Bigtop filth.

Today’s image shows:
a ‘fantasie’ knicker display mannequin – bought at an auction along with a couple of other mannequins five years ago, this one has remained in the office. Perhaps we should make it wear a pair of pants.
James’ axe – used to chop wood into kindling and also the same axe that chopped the tip off James’ father-in-laws finger when he was drunk. Lauren’s husband borrowed the axe about one year ago for purposes it wasn’t really suited for.
a bag of clothes – Lauren intended to sell the contents on eBay, but the bag has been at Bigtop for approximately seven months.
a hockey stick – Lauren used this a prop for a fancy dress party about six years ago. Since then it has languished at the bottom of our coat rack until Lauren took the coat rack home. Now it lies on the floor near the door.