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How to make a wasp trap

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

At this time of year, the Bigtop office is regularly visited by wasps. They annoy us. I read in the paper the other day that by late August they’ve served their ‘official wasp duty’ and are given time off to party, get drunk and sting people as often as possible. If wasps annoy you, consider following these six easy steps to making a wasp trap.

Step 1: Find a plastic bottle. A large bottle will make a large trap. A small bottle will make a small trap. Carefully cut the top off a plastic bottle. Take care not to cut yourself.

Step 2: Take the top of the bottle, turn it upside down and place it into the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3: Tape the two parts together. Make sure that there are no gaps.

Step 4: Make two small holes at the top of the trap and find something suitable to hang it up with. I used an old modem cable. Wire would probably be better.

Step 5: Turn the trap upside down and pour in some sweet wasp-tempting substance. I used orange juice.

Now turn the wasp trap the correct way up and hang it up outside. The wasps will love the smell, climb up the tunnel, take their fill of the sweet liquid. Then they will decide to leave. Unfortunately for them, they will forget how they got in. Wasps think they are clever but they are not. They don’t think to go down the tunnel, so instead they will probably take another drink. And another. Then fall in the juice and drown.

It’s ok to feel sorry for the wasps. We feel sorry for them too. Honestly we do. But they really do enjoy dying in this humane way. It’s true.

(Bigtop cannot be help responsible for any injuries sustained (stings etc) while making or using a wasp trap. Be careful!)


Monday, August 24th, 2009

Had a trip up to Sheffield the other weekend and stumbled upon the old sweet shop, a cute arty shop selling kid acne t-shirts and prints, as well as exhibiting other local sheffield artists work. Picked up a leaflet for these guys… faunagraphics. Think I’d fancy one of their artworks on my living room wall, or the bigtop office maybe. Sheffield is a really creative and inspirational place. Despite its industrial routes a lot of effort has been put into its architecture and there are some great little quirky pubs and bars! If you haven’t been already maybe you should.

blog on blog off Pigeon blog

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Technical problems have meant no blogging for the past couple of weeks. But all solved now HOORAH! So I was going to post this one last Friday. A week ago today we had a friend visit the office. Percy the Pigeon. He wandered into the office at 5pm asking if we had any vacant design positions. He said he had experience as art director at a highly sought after Design Agency in London. But he didn’t show much of his talent on Friday… he just sat on top of Amy’s screen for a while and had a doze. I touched him, and then I touched him again and then he flew out of the office! Maybe he’ll come back one day. He didn’t like museli.