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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


Hooray, after waiting over a month our compost caddy has arrived from DHL composting! Doesn’t it look lovely (if a bit blurred). No more flies hovering round the bag of rotting veg outside the office, or the overflowing ice-cream container in the kitchen (poor postman). All clean and hygenic here at bigtop now.  Our new caddy is lined with a compostable bag so we can simple lift the bag out, carry round to the compost heap, and its all gone. Simple!

Record of the week

Friday, September 25th, 2009

P250909_11.35This is probably the WORST album in the whole world ever. But Daniel and James are obsessed with it… hence we’ve given in to it being record of the week, just to stop them harping on about it. It reminds James of sitting on his Dad’s lap when he was 5, and Daniel is so overwhelmed with emotion by the lyrics that he starts crying during ‘Are you lonesome tonight’. But me and Amy think its just scary. Wouldn’t want to come across Al in a dark alleyway, shimmying along and waving his hands in an erratic manner, whilst singing ‘you’ve got the cutest little baby face’. Yuk. Sends shivers down our spines. Hhmm… wouldn’t it be a shame if one day we went to put this record on and it had somehow been scratched very badly.

P.S. I know the image is a bit distorted in this post, but to be honest I can’t bear to look at Al’s face anymore so am leaving it as it is!

GF Smith Papers visit bigtop

Thursday, September 24th, 2009


Today Matt from GF Smith papers visited the bigtop office to deliver us a rather swanky set of samples. It’s the best we’ve seen in a while and what a nice chap he was too… worth a mention on the blog we thought. The dazzling colours in the colourplan book made me feel especially grey and washed out. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity to get something printed on one of their specialist papers soon and restore some much needed colour to my tired grey face.

Time to pop some more music on, the proclaimers have just finished chad vangaalen up next. Record of the week tomorrow, what will it be? There’s only one place to find out.

adios amigos