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They’re not cool but …

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

… I love my new Cane Creek bar-ends.


They are just so, so, very comfy.

I know they look pretty stupid. Even the nice old man from down our road said I looked stupid. And he wasn’t talking about just the bar-ends. He was talking about me. My helmet, my rucksack, my shoes, my gloves, my whole bicycle. He wouldn’t stop laughing. Cheered him up I suppose.

Perhaps it really is time to go low-fi with all the cool kids. Get myself a simple frame, some simple wheels. I said I never would, but it’s looking quite tempting…

Autumn cycling and my new old bike

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


I’ve always used an old fashioned shopper bike, which I was quite happy with. I have friends (mentioning no names) who are obbessed with single speed / fixed wheel bikes, and I think I have finally been brain washed! Back in the summer Johnny saw a nice reynolds raleigh frame at the car boot sale, and bought it for £10. Johnny has now transformed it into a super cool single speeder for me. All I know is its nice colours, and is actually so much faster than my shopper. So I’m hooked now. Haven’t been on the shopper since. We went on a nice evening cycle ride last night. And I’ve just driven past James on my way to work with his bike. The nights are drawing in but its still a nice time of year for cycling. Just don’t slip on the Autumn leaves.

Emily and half a doughnut …

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Here is Emily, it’s her last day today. She has on her desk a pink doughnut from M&S (well half of one actually …) and a decaf coffee (which she has yet to try). Emily has done lots this week and should be really proud of herself. A designer in the making. Don’t forget to look at her t shirts.

Coffee update … Emily say “Erghhh!”
Daniel added some sugar … still “Erghhh!”.

Bye Emily, good luck for the future!