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Man music

Friday, January 29th, 2010

As James mentioned in his previous post, It’s mens day. We switched off womans hour at 10 am and started slamming some vinyl, first up was the police, then meatloaf, since then we’ve challenged ourselves on spotify to create a playlist of what will be known from now on as man music. so far we’ve had…

Van Halen – Jump
Run DMC & Aerosmith – Walk this way
The Beastie boys – Sabotage
Queen – Don’t stop me now
Guns ‘n’ Roses – Sweet child o’ mine
Gary Numan – Music for chameleons
Japan – I second that emotion
XTC – Science Friction
The Clash – Rock the Casbah
PWEI – Def con one
Billy Idol – White Wedding
The Stray Cats – Stray Cats Strut
The Stranglers – Peaches
Rush – Tom Sawyer
Human League – Darkness

Get freaky with you

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Yes, it’s Men Only Day at Bigtop today. Amy and Lauren are nowhere to be seen.

Daniel has been practising for his forthcoming kick-boxing match. An hour of vigorous exercise and he’s worked up quite a sweat.

We’re also listening to the entire Dane Bowers and Another Level back catalogue on Spotify. Stirring stuff. His Their lyrics seem to stir something within me.

This afternoon we might watch a couple of episodes of Dynasty on Youtube and perhaps a bit of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

If only we could find the bass. We’ve been hunting high and low, but it seems to be missing.

Basshunter - Bass-Machine_459

DunununununununununuBAT MAN

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

…and Robin. Today they came into our ffice. Very exciting. Not the ones your thinking of though. These are REAL batmen. They had torches on their heads and were searching for bats in our loft, on instruction from the council. They didn’t find any signs though. I don’t think so anyway. They don’t just do bats though they search for all sorts of wildlife, and seemed like very nice chaps.

You can find out more about what they do at but here’s a little intro to wet your appetite…

Greenwillows Associates offers a responsive and flexible multi-disciplinary ecological consultancy service complemented by practical habitat management expertise to provide an integrated package of ecological solutions from initial Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, Protected Species Surveys, Biodiversity Surveys and Environmental Impact Assessments through to preparation of habitat management plans, implementation of mitigation measures, and habitat creation.