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Magic Mouse eats Apple …

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I had a  30 minute phone conversation with a nice man at Apple yesterday morning.

My Magic Mouse has always been naughty. He’s always been a bit sleepy too and sometimes refuses to play altogether, not even a juicy exciting job can entice him and I get really, really cross with him frequently. Usually, I put him to bed without any kindness and steal the old lumpy mouse from the box of bits and put up with his dirty sticky paws not going where I tell him to. But … Lauren is somewhere hot and sunny and so I stole her Magic Mouse.

He is as good as gold and keeps his green light on without complaint. It dawned on me that my Magic Mouse must have always been poorly when I just thought he was crap. He’s only 15 months old and I’ve been very mean … so I phoned Apple. First they told me I had to buy a new one. But he’s still young, I cried. Hang on, they said. So I did for quite a long time and I was ever so sweet and polite and when they came back on they said, You should really put him out of his misery and replace him, I said, Can you replace him please for free? After a lot more patience and a bit of cheeky chat, a very nice man said, Oh alright then and they have put a new, healthy Magic Mouse in the post to me … for free! I will bury the dead one with an apple core … just so if he wakes up, he won’t go hungry.

Today we are listening to Warpaint, Two Door Cinema Club and The Vaccines, nice day.

Birthdays and nice days off …

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Yesterday I had the day off for my birthday. It was lovely, breakfast in bed, kids had made cards, a trail of soil where plants had been hidden in wardrobes and trailed through to our bedroom, the usual sort of thing, you know …

The sun was shining and once the kids had gone off to school we skipped to the garage and shot off in the car to The Cotswolds. Now, don’t get me wrong, I feel quite young, I don’t mind being a year older, plus this time round it’s an even number which is always pleasing, but The Cotswolds was in hindsight a poor choice. It is the Mecca for coachloads of the elderly. Please don’t think I don’t like elderly people, I LOVE elderly people, always have done, some of my best friends are elderly, but I don’t want to feel elderly on my birthday (especially as I’m not elderly … AT ALL). We went to Stow on the Wold first, quickly followed by Bourton on the Water (a coffee and sit by the river watching the elderly walk slowly by) then Burford. We were very aware that we were the youngest people in town, the quickest to cross the road and the only ones not wearing beige.

It was the big window display of Tena Lady and Yardley soaps in Burford that did it for me in the end. I wanted to go home and  put some ‘young people’s music’ on the Hi Fi, get out my mobile telephone and text message my friends, perhaps check out my birthday wishes on that world wide interweb page known as Facebook. As we drove home at a steady pace watching our fuel consumption and putting the hand break on at every junction we decided we should never retire because it will be the end for us …

Then we consoled ourselves with another Werther’s Original and went home happy, what a tiring day, nice nap when we got in and I booked a perm for a week next Tuesday (if I’m still here), so all happy!

big tinca time

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

For the last month or so my fishing has gone backwards. I started off the fishing year successfully towards the end of April, during the hot spells of weather and catching some nice early season fish. Then as the weather cooled the fish just seemed to disappear. It’s been a very quiet month with no tench falling to my rods despite a number of sessions.

This weekend I decided to change venue and bingo I bagged a couple of absolute beauties! The best of which weighed in at 8lb 8oz and was followed up by another exactly a pound smaller.  The biggie led me a right song and dance, putting quite an impressive bend in my new Grauvell 1.75lb specialist rod.

I float fished a rod length out just beyond a dense strip of marginal weed in 12ft of water. Feeding mashed bread, hemp and red maggot – just like the old days. Both fish fell for a double redworm, fake maggot cocktail on a size 14 Drennan Barbel hook tied to a 4lb hook link.