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Major Toms

Monday, September 19th, 2011

2011 Tomatoes

Please mister, don’t you touch me tomato
No, don’t touch me tomato
Touch me on me pumpkin, potato
For goodness’ sake, don’t touch me tomato

Here’s a little sample from BIG D’s tomato harvest 2011. About a fifth of the total crop I’d estimate.

So far I’ve made a batch of ketchup and next I’ll be making some tomato jam.

lots of love


Friday, doughnuts and Alice …

Friday, September 16th, 2011

It’s Friday afternoon and we’re all feeling a bit sleepy … too many doughnuts.

While Lauren is away with the fairies we have Alice sitting at her desk. Alice might want to be a designer one day and has joined us on work experience for the week to see what it involves.

In true Bigtop tradition she has been out with the Holga, a digital camera, shooting Hipstamatic and tracking down the best album cover ever, all while designing a great little blurb book to show off her new found skills.

Here’s Alice…

and here is her charity shop record …

Alice says:

“This cover stood out against the other ones in the box. I like everything about it … but not the actual record!”

We’ve loved having Alice here and wish her lots of luck in whatever she chooses to do!

The Roaming Bigtop

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Well… this week has been a whirl wind so far. Literally. As well as working I’ve managed to visit Boston AND New York and the winds have certainly been kicking up the dust over the corn fields. That’s right I’m in Sunny Lincolnshire and rather enjoying it. I’m working as usual while John is learning how to build bike frames in a workshop near by. It feels like a home away from homes. I’ve even found a lovely outdoor pool at the nearby town of Woodhall Spa, set in the grounds of a park. Tonight we’re off on our bikes to explore the area, and tomorrow going to a cinema in the woods. I could definitely get used to the life of a travelling designer. I would miss those other three though of course. What are their names again? :) Nice to be back in the blogosphere by the way. It’s been a while.