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It’s time to retire …

Monday, January 28th, 2013

from golf.

Eleven o’clock has traditionally been ‘coffee and a round of golf time’ here at Bigtop HQ. Indulgent I know, but quite therapeutic all the same.

I am Arnie. Arnold Palmer in fact. Oh dear, I’m afraid I’ve really let him down. I’ve been playing golf for years (on the computer, not on grass, except the pitch n putt, Scarborough 1992) and yet my body won’t do what my brain tells it to. You know when you think, click the mouse NOW and you click the mouse? Well, I think Click the mou … oh I’ve clicked and my ball is in a bunker in another country.

I’m going to stop. I’m an embarrassment to my colleagues who comfort me and yet in the same breath cripple my confidence with their consistently successful swings. I’m sorry Daniel (Brad), James (Larry) and Lauren (Annika), but it’s time for me to move on.

Good bye

Put on your red socks and dance the blues

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I asked for some socks for Christmas. Not just any socks though, I fancied some red ‘Made in the UK’ socks. I’m keen to support UK manufacturing.

Dreams can come true. My daughter bought me some lovely, red Pantherella socks from Toast. Made in England too. ‘Beautifully knitted socks in fine merino with 10% nylon for long wear.’ But they looked a bit big. Oh dear, they’d sent the wrong size. Never mind, anyone can make a mistake. Toast Customer Services said that they could send another pair, but we’d have to pay for them first. They’d then refund the first pair when we returned them. A couple of days later the new socks arrived. But they’d sent the wrong size again. Toast Customer Services said that they could send another pair, but we’d have to pay for them first. Pay for another pair of £16 socks, because of their mistake? No way. We sent them back and decided to look elsewhere.

While shopping in Banbury, we popped into Arthur Whitcher’s – an old-fashioned clothes shop. I spotted a nice pair of Viyella Poppy Red Wool Blend socks. A bargain at only £7.50. I asked the nice lady if Viyella made their socks in the UK. She didn’t know. She asked someone else. They didn’t know. Oh well, I’d take them anyway, and for hope the best.

When I got home, I looked on the internet to try and find where Viyella made their socks. Surely they must be made in the UK, after all their website says, ‘Formed in 1784, Viyella is one of the UK’s oldest clothing manufacturers.’ I couldn’t find any information anywhere, so I emailed Customer Services. After nearly two weeks, I received this reply:

Only our Argyle socks are made here in the UK and then everything else is made in Romania through a UK based company.

Made in Romania, through a UK based company? Not too sure about that.

The search will have to continue.

Where shall I look next?

Big D’s Birthday

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Today is a special day. It’s Daniel’s birthday. Amy bought in a chocolate cake which we ate whilst holding our golf clubs. Multi-tasking. Daniel aka Brad scored a Birthday Birdie at hole 10 Chateau Whistler. It’s probably the most depressing week of the year – it usually corresponds with Daniels birthday, so these treats should be just what we need. :) Make sure you treat your self some how too.