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Albums of the year 2015

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

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I Love You, Honey Bear by Father John Misty
Chosen by Amy

How can you not want to listen to an album called: I Love You Honey Bear?

This album is good. Very good. Plus, Father John Misty, or Josh as he likes me to call him, was born in 1981 so I am legally allowed to think he’s hot without any guilt of feeling old enough to be his mother (there’s no way I could have been a mother at 12, I was way too busy hiding out in my bedroom with my dolls and dancing to my dad’s Steeleye Span collection).

It seems I am not the only one taken with the soft, sweet sounds of Josh. At this years Green Man festival, pressed against the railings by a hoard of gap year hoorah henrys (it’s not what it used to be), with spliffs dropping in my hood and plastic cups of Prosecco splashing down the back of my neck, I noticed I was merely one middle-aged woman amongst at least a thousand other middle aged women all squashed at the front and there for no other reason than to be blessed by The Father …

It put me off a bit.

Obaa Sima by AtaKak
Chosen by James

Do you like funk and disco? Do you like highlife? Do you like Twi-language rap? Would you like to listen to a badly-recorded cassette of music that combines elements of all the aforementioned, along with a sexy little squirt of Prince? And perhaps a shaving of Michael Jackson. You wouldn’t like to listen? Well, neither did anyone else when Ata Kak self-released Obaa Sima in 1994. Nobody listened. Ata Kak gave up making music and disappeared.

In 2002, Brian Shimkovitz discovered one of Ata Kak’s cassettes in Ghana (one of only 50 ever recorded). In 2006 he posted one song on his Awesome Tapes From Africa blog. People listened. He posted some more songs. More people listened. To cut a long story short, he tracked down Ata Kak, and re-released the album this year. I bought it on vinyl. It’s very good.

Obaa Sima makes little kids go crazy. Crazy dancing to the disco beat. That’s a very good thing. But not too near the recored player please.

I like This Is The Kit’s Bashed Out a lot too. Guy Garvey likes it, so it must be good. There is just one part of one track, Magic Spell, that puts me off …

Ivy Tripp by Waxahatchee
Chosen by Daniel

Today I choose Waxahatchee’s ‘Ivy Tripp’ as my album of the year but yesterday it was Gengahr’s great debut ‘A Dream outside’ and tomorrow it might just be Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s funky rock opus ‘Multi Love’… who knows. Deerhunter, Viet Cong, Jamie xx and Sufjan Stevens all had their moments for me too. Ivy tripp is certainly right up there with my most listened to albums of the year and builds on the sound that she established on the brilliant 1st album proper ‘Cerulean Salt’. It’s an album that I found myself in the mood for a lot. Well produced with great tunes, lyrics, and an honest, unforced vocal delivery. Katie’s voice sits just as well on top of the distorted crushed synths of album opener ‘Breathless’ and grunge-esque puffy distorted guitars of ‘Poison’ as is does on the softer moments like indie pop gem ‘LA Loose’ and the sparse but enduring ‘Blue’. If I have one cristicism of the album, it is that it perhaps tails off over the last three songs but I really am nit picking. Oh… Mrs Foster and Anthony like it too so it must good.

Deep in the Iris by Braids
Chosen by Lauren

My favourite song of the year is on this album. It’s called ‘Miniskirt’. The lyrics are a bit odd. Everytime I hear the song I picture Daniel standing in the middle of pioneer square in bicester wearing a little red mini-skirt, wearing eye-liner and singing along. That makes me smile. All the other songs are good too.

Carrie and Lowell by Sufjan Stevens
Chosen by everyone

We like this one a lot. It’s Sufjan.