Make, do and jump …

Tomorrow will be a day off for me and Lauren.

We have decided to bring our sewing machines into the office along with our cottons and fabrics and make something to wear (big desks, free lunch and someone to make our coffee!). We were each going to make a skirt for the summer, but then I got out some old patterns I have and Lauren got all excited over a 1981 jumpsuit … so a jumpsuit it will be. Luckily there is a dress or long trousers option  as opposed to the shorts version that Lauren will be making, so I think I’ll go with the dress. I had the trouser version when I was twelve and I’m not going back there …

We will post a picture of our industrious selves in action tomorrow  … unless it’s a disaster, then we’ll maybe post some nice pictures of chocolate labradors  instead.

2 Responses to “Make, do and jump …”

  1. General D Says:

    Very nice Amy, I hope it all goes to plan, do you have a wide selection of bobbins?
    I like chocolate cake and labradors.

  2. Lauren Says:

    I’m very excited :) … looking forward to it. x

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