Playsuits and pastries …

Last week Lauren and I embarked on a day of sweat shop sewing in the back streets of bigtop. Ok, so it was sewing with rather excellent music in the background, coffee made on demand and ‘Special Lunch Day‘ … Heaven. My best day at bigtop in years (I shouldn’t really say that but if Daniel could bring a fishing rod to work and James his Paddy Wagon, I think they’d say the same).

We made playful playsuits. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, but what the hell, no one needs to see me in it. What fun we had. In true bigtop fashion we made our little suits  from unwanted cast offs; John’s old work shirts and a gathered skirt previously worn by Madge Bishop in Neighbours in 1988. We cleverly (if I say so myself) cut up and patched the shirts to give Lauren enough fabric to work with then got cracking. By the end of the day we more or less had an outfit each that wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of Vogue … Which is why I have uploaded a lovely picture of us wearing our suits in a beach setting with pina coladas just here.

Happy Friday xx

PS Friday treats, yummy pastries and a bar of milk chocolate.

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    I clicked the link. Now I feel stupid.

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