Ladies day …

James has cycled off to Belgium with a photographer, an illustrator and a bass player. The forecast of torrential rain in Bruges didn’t put them off, it’s an adventure, a boys own weekend, albeit a wet one. They have combined tools, toiletries and teabags for minimum weight and even talked about what they were wearing in an effort to look like a breakaway team from the Tour de France … they actually looked more like The Inbetweeners, only quite a bit older … oh well, I’m sure it will be fun!

The other male member of our team is also on an adventure, camping with his wife at Latitude. Fingers crossed for dry weather, let’s hope the BBC have got it all wrong!

Evie is here doing work experience this week. She’s been busying herself  illustrating a story she has written and learning all about the workings of our little graphic design business. Joni Mitchell’s Underneath the Streetlight caught our budding illustrators eye for a great album cover and she has made us all jealous with her Wacom!  So, ladies only today, Belgium buns (in honour), 6 music and an air of lovely tranquility!

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