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Big ball update …

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

We have the Bigtop ball back! Now we just have to find somewhere to put it …

Christmas ball balls …

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

I always feel a bit of a fraud telling people that I’m a graphic designer because as you know I’m actually a trapeze artist for a Russian circus.

Before that though, I studied illustration at college while my future husband sat in the studio next door doing the whole typographic, hand rendered poster stuff, so doing what I do now wasn’t the plan originally. Working at Bigtop as a graphic designer is great, but sometimes I feel a bit like I should be painting and getting messy with a splattered smock on and paint in my hair, not sitting at a computer being clean and tidy. When Pippa from the Courtyard asked us to decorate a ball for a project of hers we jumped at the chance, it looked like the perfect opportunity to get very messy indeed and it’s very good for us to do something completely different every now and then …

The project was set up to coincide with the switching on of the Christmas lights here in Bicester, they are displayed in shop windows in the town, some are lit up and very lovely they all look too. We were given a big yoga ball with a fine layer of tissue paper and told to do what ever we liked.

We went with the circus theme, naturally.

Once finished, the yoga ball was deflated, and the ‘shell’ taken away to the eco house in the park grounds, where it is currently being displayed with pride …

I say that, but actually we walked past last week and saw it shoved at the back, on top of the  fridge, out of the way … Not to worry, I suppose it is a bit big. Pippa is going to rescue it tomorrow and it can come home to its creative birth place, just in time for Christmas, hooray!

Bigtop Trumps

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Bored with sitting on the sofa watching crap end-of-the-year game shows?

Eaten too much wind-inducing food?

Fed up of pretending to enjoy spending time with your relatives?

Then you need to play BigtopTrumps.

You can download the full set by clicking on the image below:

If you’d like a ‘proper’ full set, properly printed on nice card, we have a few sets knocking around the office that we could post out to you. Why not collect them all, they might be worth something someday. Although I very much doubt it.